Will Google finally become the music industry’s best friend next year?

The recent announcement by Google that it is upping its game to tackle online copyright infringement received a guarded welcome by rights holders. The response by the BPI’s Geoff Taylor summed up the reaction when he said that “this package of measures, while welcome, still ignores the heart of the problem that Google search overwhelmingly directs consumers looking for music and other digital entertainment to illegal sites.”

Next year Google will launch a music service that most expect will offer music from all angles and should rival the current digital music leader, Apple’s iTunes. Spotify is also looking to challenge Apple in the US when it launches there next year. But which of the three do you think will end 2011 as having made the biggest impact on music industry revenues?

If you think “none of the above”, by all means leave a comment saying why. The result of the survey will be published in the next issue of Music & Copyright.

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3 thoughts on “Will Google finally become the music industry’s best friend next year?

  1. Definatelly is Google not only for its up coming music service, already in operation in China and India, but also due to its new anitpiracy policies and enforcement, much more cooperative and that may directly affect general music users and conduct them to legit services.

    Lets remember that Google is meant to be much more “open” than Apple so its impact should be much biugger in the market.

    Lets see it.


  2. Just so you know, I encountered problems trying to share this on Twitter (link wouldn’t shorten) and Facebook (kept logging me out when sharing on company wall).

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