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The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights.

German recorded music sector on track for another year of growth
Figures published by the German music trade body Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI) show that total consumer spending on recorded music was up 3.6% in the first half of this year compared with the same six-month period in 2015. A big jump in music subscriptions was behind the overall rise, with the increase in consumer spending on paid audio on-demand services fully offsetting all other format declines. The continued revival of the vinyl LP also boosted total retail sales. Despite the fall in spending on CD albums, the format still accounted for the majority of music retail sales. However, the boom in streaming sales pushed Germany ever closer to the digital tipping point.

Second consecutive year of decline for Polish royalty collections
Polish authors’ society ZAiKS has reported its financial statements for 2015. Although collections in the year were down compared with 2014, they were still the third highest in the authors’ society history. Total distributions were also one of the highest on record, while the administration rate remained virtually unchanged year-on-year. Broadcasting remained the biggest income source for ZAiKS. However, most of the main sources of broadcast income were down, resulting in an overall broadcast collection decline. The only real domestic bright spots for ZAiKS came from a small rise in collections from background music, public performance, and neighboring rights. Internet collections fell sharply along with private copying remuneration.

SIAE reports positive year for Italian live entertainment in 2015
The Italian live events sector experienced a positive 2015 according to new figures published by the Italian authors’ society SIAE. Following on from a fairly flat 2014, total box office receipts in 2015 registered a healthy rise, with concerts generating the biggest gains and a return to growth after a decline in 2014. Attendance reversed the previous year’s dip and increased in 2015, although the rate of growth was lower than box office spending and audience turnover. In addition to concerts, box office receipts from cinemas also experienced a reversal of fortune and registered an increase, cementing the cinema sector as the Italian entertainment industry’s biggest sector. Dance was the only sector to suffer a decline in box office receipts.

France country report
In addition to the usual set of music industry statistics and news briefs, the latest issue of Music & Copyright includes a detailed France music industry profile. The French recorded music industry is currently suffering due to the ongoing transitions from physical to digital and ownership to access. Consumer interest in streaming is maintaining overall growth in digital trade earnings, but falling sales of both downloads and CD albums have pulled down overall record company earnings. There is, however, some hope that this year will see a return to growth, with midyear trade revenue up year-on-year. French authors’ society SACEM registered a positive 12 months with collections increasing after a slight year-on-year decline in 2014. France’s live music industry is highly competitive with national and international promoters battling to represent big names. However, the last 12 months have been particularly difficult for the sector following a number of terrorist attacks.

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