New issue of Music & Copyright with India country report

The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights.

Music streaming faces longer-term questions over falling ARPU and rising prices
Recorded music is a growth sector, with record company financials and trade sales results all indicating a very bright future ahead. Forecasts for longer-term growth are all based on the continued uptake of music access services, and despite the inevitable slowdown in the developed world, music streaming in emerging markets is becoming popular, and so it is fair to say that the recovery in recorded music is firmly on track after so many years of decline. There are, though, some issues that require a little consideration, particularly regarding the price of a music subscription. Although the direct single user price is now firmly established and unlikely to change for the foreseeable future, the uptake of the family plan, whereby a single account allows access for six users, and its impact on streaming service revenue and user numbers, is starting to raise a few eyebrows.

Spotify turns a profit on rising subscription numbers and looks to podcasts for future growth
Spotify has published its fourth quarter and full year results, detailing both the company’s financial position and its operating details. Revenue continued to rise at a healthy rate and for the first time, operating income, net income and free cash flow were all positive. Totals for premium subscribers and monthly active users (MAUs) all hit the company’s guidance. Average revenue per user (ARPU) edged up in the quarter compared with the previous three months but was down on the prior-year period because of the popularity of the Family Plan and Student Plan. Spotify confirmed that it extended its footprint in the quarter by 13 markets in Middle East and North Africa, taking the total number of countries where the service is available to 78. The company also said it was in the process of acquiring podcast producers Gimlet Media and Anchor to aid the acceleration in podcast listening.

SiriusXM set to open Pandora’s streaming box with completion of service acquisition
While music streamer Pandora has long been popular with audiences, the company has failed to live up to its early promise on the financial side. The company’s decision to develop a model based on advertising rather than streaming looks to be the wrong one, given the growing appetite among consumers for rental rather than purchased music. However, the recent acquisition of Pandora by satellite radio provider SiriusXM brings new resources in-house, including an experienced executive team that isn’t short on ideas on how to bolster the streamer, as well as how to make it a useful addition to the SiriusXM fold. The satellite radio company has a proven track record in subscription, and the takeover could prove a turning point for Pandora.

India country report
In addition to the usual set of music industry statistics and news briefs, the latest issue of Music & Copyright includes a detailed India music industry report. India’s biggest obstacle to recorded-music growth is piracy. Retailers have always struggled to compete in a market flooded with illegal copies. Moreover, rising internet penetration has brought with it increased access to unauthorized music distribution sites and services. However, developments in the last couple of years have suggested that streaming may be the way out of the piracy problem, but the road to prolonged higher sales and meaningful returns is likely to be a long one.

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