New issue of Music & Copyright with France country report

The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights.

YouTube Music makes market share gains as more streaming services roll out price rises

The number of music subscriptions around the world is continuing to rise, with a steady stream of consumers happy to sign up to one of the many available streamers. In a short space of time, a handful of services have become dominant. Spotify has long been the leader, although subscriber gains from some of its competitors have reduced the Swedish service’s market share. YouTube Music has registered the highest growth rate of the leading streamers so far this year, with the service recently confirming a new subscriber milestone. Although the music streaming sector is continuing to grow at pace, some services have decided that now is the time to raise prices. Spotify has kept its pricing largely the same since it rolled out more than 10 years ago, but that is expected to change early next year. While the majority of subscribers have indicated that they will fork out the extra, a sizable number have questioned whether the higher price is worth paying.

Luna Aura files legal claim against 3LAU for a share of Ultraviolet multimillion-dollar NFT sale

Recording artist Luna Aura has filed a lawsuit at a New York district court against the electronic music DJ and producer 3LAU for the nonpayment of royalties. Aura contributed to a track included in an album released by 3LAU in 2018. However, several special edition vinyl copies of the album were sold as part of an NFT auction at the beginning of last year. The auction generated several million dollars in revenue, but Aura did not receive any royalties linked to the NFT sale. Although both sides signed an agreement covering rights payable from the original release of the track and album prior to their recording, there was no specific provision included in the agreement for any nontraditional sales. Aura was offered a licensing fee for the use of the track in the NFT project, but the payment offered was not considered satisfactory.

Twitter’s travails make rival social media a stronger music bet

Twitter 2.0 is a very difficult beast to get a handle on. The reign of Elon Musk has been short and has already been tumultuous. And the whim-based nature of the new owner means there are plenty of twists and turns to come. But while Twitter looks an unsafe and unstable platform to be active on right now, there is likely promise from a mooted creator program that could deliver for artists if it comes to fruition. However, for that to come about, relations between Twitter and record companies need to improve dramatically, given the latter’s issues around alleged copyright infringement on the platform. In any case, Twitter 2.0 isn’t really cutting-edge social media, and TikTok looks like a far more attractive ongoing music prospect.

France country report

In addition to the usual set of music industry statistics and news briefs, the latest issue of <em>Music & Copyright</em> includes a detailed France music industry report. France ended 2021 as the seventh-biggest economy in the world and the third in Europe, behind Germany and the UK. Last year saw the French economy grow 6.8% after suffering an 8% contraction in 2020, largely because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. For this year, the IMF forecast in its October-published World Economic Outlook report that GDP would rise 2.5%, and then 0.7% in 2023. Similar to its economic position in Europe, France also lags the UK and Germany for recorded-music sales. However, last year saw trade sales grow for the fifth consecutive year with the positive results down to the sustained rise in streaming-generated revenue and the resilience of physical formats. Digital sales first overtook physical in 2018 and accounted for almost 70% of last year’s digital/physical total (see Table 1). UMG extended its distributor lead with SME and WMG losing share. Collections for SACEM returned to growth after suffering a dip in 2020. However, the effects of the pandemic are still impacting certain business areas.

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